THE ANDRAÉ CROUCH STORY – in Fredrikstad Domkirke, Frelserens Kirke, Farsund and Bærum Kulturhus

On 8th January 2015 Andraé Crouch, the legendary artist, pastor and songwriter passed away at 72. 

The Andraé Crouch Story is a tribute to his life and work and three concerts will take place in Farsund on the 8th April, Fredrikstad on the 9th April and Oslo on the 10th April.

The Reflex Choir and two of the original Andraé Crouch’ Singers; Jerard Woods and Markita Knight will perform on the concerts with the Norwegian Choirs:Sela and Farsund Ungdomskor,(Farsund),Fredrikstad Community Gospel Choir ( Fredrikstad) and Oslo Community Choir, (Oslo). 

Martin Alfsen who was a personal friend of Andraé Crouch will lead the concerts.